Base PRICE: USD 160

A full-body, coloured piece with simple background (flat color or simple shading).
- Maximum up to 4 characters per piece. Prices will be calculated accordingly, for example, 2 characters will be USD 320 total.
- Price might be adjusted based on complexity. Final price will be discussed and confirmed before requesting for payment and entering commission production.
- Commission piece will usually be in A4 size (landscape or portrait).
- You will receive high-res JPEG (with simple background) and PNG with transparent background.


Coloured sample 01
Coloured sample 02

Guides & Faqs

Will accept:
- Human/ humanoid characters
- Anthropomorphic characters
- Simple robotic-looking characters (megaman-isque type)
Will not accept:
- NSFW request
- Mecha or any extremely complicated designs (very detailed armours, etc)
All commissioned artworks are for personal use only, not for commercial use. You may use it as a profile picture, thumbnails, etc on your social media, I will appreciate credits should you do so. Kindly do not make any direct profit out of it (any form of merchandise using the commissioned artwork.)Payment will only be requested when I'm about to work on your commission, I will send you an invoice when I do. Kindly make your payment as soon as possible once you received it.

Commission queue/status

Commission Queue
- dory (COMPLETED)
- Irongarden (Sketch Phase)
- Rosie
- Blue
- Skye
- Jacob
- Matt


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